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Red Revolution: Inside the Philippine Guerrilla Movement

While he was compiling the first comprehensive account of the Philippine communist revolutionary movement, Gregg Jones lived and traveled with communist units, interviewing senior Party officials, military commanders, Party cadres, guerrilla fighters, and the peasant sympathizers who are the guerrillas' lifeblood in the countryside. Building upon his interviews with founding members of the communist movement and utilizing unpublished Party documents, the author presents a detailed history of the insurgency's early years, offering valuable insights into the movement's resolve and endurance.

He takes the reader into a communist guerrilla "consolidated zone," where the rebels have established a provisional government that not only delivers social and medical services and operates a functioning justice system but also has implemented agrarian reform and innovative methods of farming and health care.

The author discusses allegations in the Western press that have labeled the movement the "new Khmer Rouge" and provides unpublished details of its periodic internal bloody purges. Concluding with an assessment of Corazon Aquino's responses to the insurgency, Jones examines the controversial spread of anticommunist vigilante squads, the role of the Catholic Church in the revolution, and the U.S. government's varied and inconsistent responses to the communist movement.

A searching and powerful insider's view of a potent political movement, Red Revolution provides invaluable information and insights for the scholar and general reader alike.